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My History of Rock and Roll class is poltbunnying me for Supernatural like whoa, so I'm finally getting around to watching it. I mean, not that I'll be able to write the verse that she wants me to write, anyway, because I don't know enough about music, but at least it'll get her off of my back a little. But Supernatural is hard for me to watch (visually and auditorially, not due to subject matter), so to make myself watch it I've decided to write reactions to every episode I watch.

1x01: Pilot
I take anything that's in the pilot of a TV series with a big grain of salt, because all too often some fairly major things get changed between it and the rest of the series. Though at least Supernatural won't have any "can't get the major supporting characters to come back" problems, since at this point tehe only characters who remain constant are Sam and Dean.

So, Dean breaks into Sam's apartment before trying anything else, like knocking on the door or calling. And I might be a bit bad at reading emotions, but Sam doesn't really seem to be very upset between learning that it's Dean who broke in and learning that he's there because John's gone missing.

Sam is interesting. He has this respect for the law which is displayed a couple of times--arguing with Dean about the cops, his reaction to Dean pretending to be a federal marshall, and the fact that he was going to go to law school. It's possible that there's another reason, or reasons, for his actions, but for now I'm assuming that he respects the law to some degree. Which is really interesting, considering that he grew up in the same family as Dean did. They might have different attitudes about Hunting, but respect of the law, or lack thereof, is something that I would expect to be the same for both of them. On the other hand, Sam does make a false police report--is that about family above all else, or does Sam just respect the law because he's playing it safe or something?

Sam says "I swore I was done hunting. For good." But later he says "I was just going to college. It was Dad who said if I was going to go I should stay gone." Which makes it sound a hell of a lot like he wasn't quitting hunting at that point...which could definitely tie in with going to law school. And there's several references to two years ago, which would not be when Sam headed off to college unless he took a couple of years off and then tested out of a lot of classes (and I don't think you can test out of that many classes)

And he says "no, not normal. Safe." Which is interesting, considering that most fic has him desperately seeking normal. But again, the way he acts about the law & police fits in.

They just wear their usual clothes to pretend to be federal marshals! That's, like, not even trying! Maybe they didn't have/didn't want to spend enough time to change clothes, but...are they trying to get caught?

Sam seems shocked at John's room, but Dean looks more resigned. Either Sam's just forgotten what John's like, or John's changed that much since Sam left.

What is all of that other stuff on the walls about? Okay, some of it's the victims, but it looked like the current case wasn't the only one up on the walls--it looks like there's a couple of maps, and information on other creatures.

Aww, John's got a picture of the three of them up--one that was taken after Mary died. Who took the picture?

Hah, Dean's so fast at picking handcuffs that the cops haven't finished grabbing their hats and guns before he's free.

Dean shoots the Impala (its window, anyway) to save Sam. Priorities!

What kind of idiots live in that town, anyway? Those kids look like they're too old to drown when left alone in the bathtub. For that matter, wouldn't they be too old to be bathing together, anyway? Maybe I just suck at telling kids' ages, or the newspaper story was more along the lines of a coverup than actual facty facts.

I'm horribly amused that the scene where Dean realizes he has to go back to Sam's apartment was deleted, because it kind of makes him look psychic or something. Especially since he didn't try the door handle or anything, just kicked it down.

That is a buttload of weapons. O_o I mean, it makes sense, but still. A ton of weapons.

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