Nov. 7th, 2009 02:31 pm
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This being NaNoWriMo, I'm going back and forth between Steve and Lenny to do my writing (Steve being my desktop and Lenny being Eric's laptop that he's letting me use).  The traditional method to transfer files is to do it manually, which is annoying to do on a twice-or-more daily basis.  Other methods include emailing it to yourself, only having it on a thumb drive, and using Google docs or another online method.  They all have drawbacks, mostly in requiring internet access or aggravation- or both.  I mostly use Groove, because I have it anyway and it automates the process both ways, and all I have to do is make sure both of my computers are connected to the network and on, and that the files are closed on the computer the updates are being transferred to.  It works for me, and is better than the thumb drive method I used previously.

The only problem is, it requires both computers to be on for it to work.  Steve's pretty much constantly on, unless he puts himself to sleep- and then it just requires a shake of his mouse to wake him up.  Lenny, on the other hand, isn't usually on...and last night and this morning, after I typed a good 1,948 words, I forgot to turn Lenny on.  So when I got to the write-in today, I was all, "Noooooooo!".  I connected to the wi-fi at Coffee Haus, in hopes that I could make my mom email me my work from on Steve.  And then, when I looked back at the NaNo folder, I saw that it had updated!  Apparently Groove works over the internet, too!  Which, honestly, makes enough sense that I should have expected it, but I'm a bit slow sometimes.  But, hey, that was awesome to learn since I didn't expect it.

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