Nov. 1st, 2009 06:49 pm
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So, for the fourth year running, I'm doing NaNoWriMo.  Quite frankly, NaNo baffles me.  My muse keeps tossing plots at me to write for NaNo that are out of my zone of comfortable writing (which I suppose is a good thing, but still), and somehow I keep winning.  2006 posed some interesting writing issues because the main character (this was original fiction) just didn't think in a way that made it easy to write- he was raised in zero-g, in a space station where there were no adults; he had no true conception of adulthood or up and down.  2007 I wrote Farscape/Highlander/SG-1, with Crichton as the main character.  I can't write Crichton at all, except when I'm feeling a sugar rush, and added to that I think those were all new-for-writing fandoms for me.  In 2008 I wrote BtVS/Harry Potter- both new-for-writing fandoms to me- with reincarnation, and Xander-reincarnated-as-Harry as the main character, and I ended up copping out on some of the plot because I just couldn't figure out how to work it if he remembered his past life from the beginning.  This year I'm writing what is primarily Highlander fanfiction, with multiple crosses that aren't all that important to the plotline.  With Richie as the main character.  I don't dislike Richie, but he's not my favorite either.

Why do I keep being forced into writing extrovert characters for NaNoWriMo?  I'm not an extrovert.  I don't understand extroverts.  I'm fairly sure I do a horrible job of writing extroverts.  And yeah, extroversion isn't the only problem I have with writing them well, but it's certainly a huge factor.  It doesn't really help to stretch my writing muscles in a new direction if I do it so badly that I cringe at even the thought of it.  Seriously, I want to go back to writing the Batclan.  I understand them (some more than others, granted, but it's that way with any group of characters).  But nooooo, my Muse has stopped letting me write Tim and Bruce, and moved onto all sorts of random premises that don't always have an entire plot attached.

And yeah, fun time for NaNo to start.  I have a Latin test on Tuesday and a Philosophy test on Wednesday, and let's just say I'm a bit behind in both of those classes.

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